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Amazon WorkSpaces is a managed Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. With Amazon WorkSpaces, you can deploy your corporate desktop environment on the AWS Cloud, providing your users secure, convenient access to the applications, documents, and resources they need, on the device of their choice from almost anywhere in the world. Amazon WorkSpaces integrates with your current IT resources, so you can derive all of the benefits of virtual desktops while continuing to use existing policies and practices. Scaling is simple and quick, and it is built on the trusted AWS Cloud. Amazon WorkSpaces is available in multiple AWS regions worldwide, so you can deploy in a single region, or globally, and scale at your own pace.

Simplify Desktop Delivery
Reduce Costs
Secure Your Data
Continuous Productivity


Today’s workforce is working seasonally, remotely, and moving from one contract to the next. Traditional desktop solutions such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can’t scale to a dynamic workforce as it requires complicated capacity planning, upfront capital expenditures for hardware and licensing, and months, if not years, to build out infrastructure.

Instead of building and operating your own infrastructure, you can simply deploy desktops on demand with Amazon WorkSpaces, a DaaS solution on AWS. With DaaS, you manage your images and users, while the infrastructure is managed for you. A few clicks scales your desktops up, or down, to users across the globe.


Your Windows desktop and business-critical data is hosted on the AWS Cloud, and never leaves a securely managed environment.


Amazon WorkSpaces requires no upfront investments or long-term commitment. You pay only for what you use, make your IT expenses predictable, and lower your costs.

Globally Available

Amazon WorkSpaces is available in multiple AWS regions. Global access allows you to add users in new regions simply and cost-effectively, and data remains in the region you assign it to for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Fast, Familiar User Experience

Amazon WorkSpaces offers a fluid, highly interactive user experience that adjusts dynamically to network conditions. Your users can access familiar Windows desktops with full fidelity from iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices, thin and zero clients, and even select smartphones.

Flexible and Scalable

Get started in minutes and grow your deployment from just a few users to tens of thousands with ease. Amazon WorkSpaces scales seamlessly with your needs and at your pace.

Easy to Manage

Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed Desktop-as- a-Service solution. The intuitive Amazon WorkSpaces admin console allows you to connect to your on-premises Microsoft Active Directory, manage applications, and control user access.

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Organizations & businesses who leverage AWS Workspaces to quickly scale & provide thousands of desktops to workers across the globe. They get fast responsive desktop of their choice that they can access anywhere, anytime, from any supported device.


Amazon WorkSpaces is ideal for any situation where desktop needs can change quickly.

Provide secure cloud desktops for remote, mobile, and contract employees

Amazon WorkSpaces helps mobile and remote employees access the applications users need by delivering a cloud desktop accessible anywhere with an internet connection using any supported device.

Enable bring your own device

To deliver on the promise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, IT must ensure employees can easily and securely access their applications and data across a large and constantly changing number of devices. Amazon WorkSpaces lets you run a cloud desktop directly on a wide range of devices like PC, Mac, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android tablet, Chromebook, and web browsers like Firefox, and Chrome.

Rapidly provision and scale desktops for software test and development

Developers and test teams need access to a secure, high-performance WorkSpace for completing tasks without the expense and inventory that comes with a lot of over-provisioned physical hardware. You can provision Amazon WorkSpaces that includes all the tools your developers need to build applications quickly. Your source code is not stored on developers’ devices helping ensure the safety of your intellectual property.

Quickly provision persistent desktops for classroom and lab settings

Amazon WorkSpaces provides a full, persistent desktop that students can use throughout their education while Amazon AppStream 2.0 lets course instructors quickly deliver specific applications for the unique needs for their class. Used together, you can easily build the learning environment your students need and ensure students have what they need for your class from day one.

Rapid integration during mergers and acquisitions

Companies going through M&A activity must support quickly on-boarding or off-loading large numbers of employees with fast, easy, secure access to company applications and data. They must do so across a diverse set of devices without spending much money or going through lengthy complex integrations. With Amazon WorkSpaces, IT teams quickly can provision and decommission secure WorkSpaces to keep up with changing organizational structures.


Start your FREE TRIAL proof of concept with your team and provision Managed Windows 7, Windows 10, and Linux desktop experiences. There is no upfront cost or commitment.