About Us

Our working environment is based on the principles of collaboration, respect, teamwork and trust. Our passion is in creating change and building strong relationships with our clients.

What We Do

Driven by innovation and the deep conviction that anything is possible with the right balance of agility and security, we are dedicated to staying in front of the cloud as we help our clients cope with this new technology, rapid innovation, competitive threats and developing a more efficient business process and walk alongside them in this post-hardware era for their success.

Our core competency is delivering custom cloud projects and services for clients who have limited cloud experience on staff or who need additional resources. We leverage the best cloud technology available to provide a solution that is unique to your project requirements.

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We focus exclusively on Cloud Tech

Our Mission

Assist our clients in establishing the most effective cloud systems and workflows, which results in optimum cost, speed, and efficiency advantages across the organization’s IT landscape.

Our Vision

Deliver client-focused and strategic outcomes, matching optimal technology solutions to business objectives.

Our Core Values

Our working environment is based on the principles of collaboration, respect, teamwork, and trust. Our passion is in creating change and building strong relationships with our employees, partners, and our clients.


We team up with customers, partners, and one another. We show up on time, curious and ready to perform.


We define and adhere to comprehensive and thoughtful procedures to meet key business objectives.


We share operational intelligence and organizational assignments as broadly as possible in order to promote teamwork, trust, productivity and agility.

4. Cheerful

We balance our intense pursuit of excellence with respect for the individual. We embrace moments of celebration, laughter, and good cheer.

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Agile Execution

We’re lean. We’re agile. We’re all about accelerating time to value.


NextBit uses Sprint-Zero at the start of any project. This period of a week or two to align with our client to bootstrap the project. NextBit aligns its engineering team on the scope of the project, define ontology, agree upon software tool stack, development processes, and other details. The end goals of Sprint-Zero are listing project milestones, a healthy backlog of user-stories, groomed Sprint-1, alignment of system architecture, tool stack, and processes.


NextBit uses best practices to track agile development and delivery. One of the key metrics is to use ‘sprint velocity’ as a measure of team productivity. From NextBit's experience, the velocity improves and stabilizes after a few initial sprints, as our team builds the development muscles for efficiency. NextBit proactively communicates such contingencies early and often. NextBit also conducts retrospectives at the end of each sprint to mitigate development risks.


NextBit ensures macro and micro delivery to minimize surprises along the way to milestones. On a macro-delivery, each release/milestone/sprint has a well-defined theme agreed upon by the Product Owner to communicate a cohesive vision for delivery. On a micro-delivery plane, each user-story has well-defined ‘done-criteria’ that provides a well-defined checklist. Such checklists include code-review, unit-testing, and functional testing. NextBit produces a product-increment and a demo at the end of every sprint.